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A black and white image of a container ship, viewed from the rear

IaC in the home - two years on

After two years of running a home Kubernetes setup, I have more thoughts and lessons about how to run a home cluster....

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Blog migration

It’s finally time to take my blog off of Medium and host it myself....

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Istio TLS policies - ugly bits and undocumented bits

One of the selling points of deploying Istio in your Kubernetes cluster is that it provides mechanisms to enforce authentication between pods communicating with other services within the cluster. The documentation of these leaves a lot to be desired, as we discovered when we first started playing with these features while gearing up to roll out Istio more widely....

A box diagram showing how Matchbox works

Infrastructure as code in the home

Infrastructure as Code (herein IaC) is ubiquitous when managing large infrastructure deployments. But when we don’t have hundreds of machines to manage, is IaC still useful?


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Log4net rolling file appender with multiple projects

The purpose of this article is to document a minor frustration I ran into at work a few weeks ago, in the hopes that somebody else with the same issue will stumble across it. If I can save another poor soul some time, then it will be well worth writing this.


An image of a large, old keyboard. It has keyboard shortcuts for a program printed out and taped to the top of it

Monterey K104 restoration

A detailed step-by-step of restoring a keyboard older than I am. Not for the faint-of-keyboard....